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30 november 2023

Who is your workforce? A simple question, but one to which most leaders in organizations cannot quickly answer.

NextConomy and Event Partners Hays and ProUnity cordially invite you to participate in the first edition of the Total Workforce Summit – 2023 in Brussels on November 30th where you will learn, network, and have valuable conversations on the innovative and sustainable Total Talent Management strategy.

Why should you attend?

Always flying with ‘the right formation’, and always having the right number of talents with the right qualifications, makes the difference between being successful as an organization or not.

Your workforce is more than just your full-time employees: talent increasingly includes workers not on the company’s own payroll. Temp agency workers, freelancers, contractors, professional service firms, and even customers or technologies also contribute to value creation.

As the competition for top talent continues to intensify, organizations that take an integrated approach regarding different employment arrangements are more effective than others at acquiring the right talent and aligning business and workforce strategies.

The Total Workforce Summit 2023 aims to share and reflect on market developments and actively discuss Total Talent Management (TTM) solutions and obstacles regarding People, Processes, and Technology to be overcome.

Which questions will we answer?

  • How are workers evolving, and what does your working population really look like?
  • To what extent can (or should) you integrate both the management of employees and external workers?
  • Who is to manage the integrated workforce?
  • What are possible approaches and degrees of integration?
  • Where and how to start?
  • What about the legal framework?
  • The unlocked value when the total talent vision becomes reality: lessons learned from early adopters

Listen to testimonials from:

  1. Jan van Acoleyen, Human Capital Lead, Proximus
  2. Loukmane Boukandrouj, Integrated Talent Management Lead, Galapagos
  3. Wim Vanhaele, Global Talent Acquisition Manager en Lieven Titillion, Global Talent Management and Development Manager at Melexis
  4. (List will be extended as we receive confirmation of other speakers)

Expert keynotes or workshops from:

  1. Katrien Penne, SERV – ‘Freelancers in Flanders’
  2. Julie Van Kerckhoven, Legal Consult – ‘How to avoid false self-employment?’
  3. Mark van Assema, HR Tech Expert – ‘HRTech to support your Total Workforce HR strategy’
  4. Ann Cattelein, CEO Federgon – ‘Ethics in your talent supply chain’
  5. (list will be extended as we receive confirmation of other expert speakers)

For who?

This is a small-scale, invitation-only event. Attendance will be limited to 80 CHRs, Procurement managers, Talent Acquisition leads and CW Program managers from leading organizations in the profit and non-profit industry from Belgium and neighbouring countries. We invite executives who want to know more about how to get started with TTM, or those who are already on their way to TTM, have seen the first successes, but still want to learn more.

Where are we meeting?

The Comics Art Museum in Brussels wants to ‘open the doors of your imagination’.

And so do we with our seminar on a forward-looking hr strategy such as TTM!

A jewel of Art Nouveau architecture, the Belgian Comic Strip Center in the heart of Brussels is the ideal setting for this first NextConomy Total Workforce Summit 2023.

Did we mention the program includes a guided tour in 3 languages?

Want to join?

For more information send an email to Marleen Deleu at marleen@nextconomy.be. We look forward to welcoming you on November 30th in Brussels and to your input in this seminar.

Kind regards,

Marleen Deleu and Hugo-Jan Ruts

Founders NextConomy


Total Workforce Summit Partners