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Source of IT solutions

Talent-IT helps business source the right IT experience. We’re  an experienced, customer-focused organisation that works with only the finest IT talent and a ‘can-do’ mentality.

We unite talent and businesses in all things IT.

Talent-IT prides itself on providing companies a superior service in all things IT. We offer razor sharp pricing for temporary support on a freelance basis, source permanent employees for your growing team and supply comprehensive solutions tailored to your business.

We’re an innovative organisation that puts professional know-how and client focus at the heart of what we do. We remain true to our values and continuously strive for customer satisfaction, with an unrelenting respect for budgets and deadlines.

We’re convinced that, in addition to traditional expertise, corporate culture, vision, personality and language skills play an integral part in sourcing the perfect ‘match’ for all concerned. And, although our core business is talent management, we also offer IT talent coaching, assessment, motivation and more. With a constant and pervasive eye on IT and IT business.