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Hays Talent Solutions (HTS) offers companies a comprehensive portfolio of services that helps support all their workforce management-related topics – for any form of employment as non-permanent workforce, temporary workers, contractors, consultants and resources engaged under a statement of work.

We ensure our clients always have access to the talent they need and allow them to tap into resourcing expertise, timesaving and moneysaving benefits that would otherwise be impossible.

Hays Talent Solutions covers the entire process from finding and engaging talent to onboarding, billing, invoicing and off boarding. All customized to the need of our client our aim is to create strategic partnerships with them and play a role of a trusted advisor to implement process improvements and feed them with market insights on any recruitment related topic

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Contingent workforce management

More and more companies are using flexible way of working in order to fulfill their recruitment needs. This ways of working, think about freelancing and detachment, also requires another way of thinking and handling. By using an MSP, you will have all your recruitment processes centralised by one spot who will be in charge of transparency, vendor management, cost control and liability.

Hays Talent Solutions can also only take over the contract management of external employees without recruiting the talent itself. We guarantee all internal and external processes and supervise the onboarding of the external professional, without any risk for the client.

Permanent workforce solutions

With our RPO solution we become part of your team, working with hiring managers, under your brand, within your culture, to handle all things related to talent acquisition. Providing you with all the benefits and expertise of a company which sole business is accessing the best talent.

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