Beelance shapes the future of work by connecting companies and freelancers from the IT & Digital world, with the promise of finding the perfect match. We believe that having no constraints allows us to be happier that’s why Beelance provides services to facilitate the career of freelancers and companies by relieving them from pain points.

The platform covers all the administrative process: timesheets, invoices, expenses,… Everything is centralized and digitized in a single easy-to-use online platform. Beelance’s mission is to give access to a community to help them grow in their career by being a commercial, administrative and community facilitator.(pain reliever or pain killer)

Freelancers through the platform, will have access to inspiring job opportunities that match their skillsets. We match the right candidate with the right job. It is completely free for them.

Companies interact with a large community of experts in IT & Digital and attract the best talents for their missions. Find the right talent has never been that easy! It works on a subscription plan that best fits with the need of the company.

Why Beelance?

  • An unlimited and free mission posting Solution
  • An access to the Best IT/digital freelance community
  • A powerful matching system
  • Easy administration and payment flexibility
  • An ecosystem of added-value partners